MSSM is a society provided for Malaysian university students in Manchester, United Kingdom. Among some of the universities we encompass are:
• The University of Manchester
• Manchester Metropolitan University
• University of Salford

To become an official member of MSSM, you must sign up online via the University of Manchester Students’ Union website. Registration steps differ depending on which university you are from. You will also find the benefits and entitlement for official members there.

Meet the 2021/22 committee that is striving to make Manchester your home away from home. Don’t hesitate to contact relevant members should you have any queries—we promise we don’t bite!

Amanda Azman

President | BSc Educational Psychology

Amanda is probably going through an identity crisis because she’s been in a 90s r&b/hiphop music phase for over a year now.

Yan Jia Yoon

General Secretary / MNight Co-Producer | BSc Planning and Real Estate

Yan Jia loves creating, designing and fashion but chose to plan, organise and record everything that’s been said 🙂

Ally Djasmeen

Treasurer | BA Accounting and Finance

The person that manages all the society’s funds and a bubble tea connoisseur :’)

Dexter Cheong

Sponsorship Director | LLB Law

Loves to think about castles in the sky and how we can build them.

Lim Hong Bin

Events Coordinator | BSc (Hons) Economics

When he’s not cooking in the kitchen, Hong Bin can be found either playing League or pondering abstract thoughts.

Ten Ren Voon

Events Coordinator | BA Economics and Politics

Ten Ren will wake up for a 4.00am UFC fight, but don’t expect him to wake up for a brunch session.

Sherry Hor

Events Coordinator | BEng Chemical Engineering

When Sherry is not crying about being a woman in STEM, she’s found in the kitchen whipping up desserts with her flatmates.

Julian Lim

Events Coordinator | BSc (Hons) Economics

As a United fan, Julian prefers City to win the champions league rather than Liverpool.

Jie Hao Lew

Sports Officer | MEng Civil Engineering

As an adventurer, Jie Hao is set on exploring everything he can, including the world of food, sports, entertainment, and many more.

Rachel Ngeo

Sports Officer | BA Economics and Finance

A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or an interesting fact.

Rafik Merzouk

Welfare Officer | LLB Law

We don’t know if his family owns Zouk Nightclub; we actually don’t know much about him. All we know is that he’s friendly, understanding and has a large plushie collection.

(Allison) Lee Cheng Jie

Publicity Secretary | BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Allison reads when she’s bored, writes when she’s upset, and is the happiest when she has a slice of pizza in her hands.

Yu Jie Chua

Media Officer | BSc (Hons) Economics

Often finding joy in documenting life through her iPhone lens, the Media Officer job never stops for Rachel even outside of MSSM. Might be a sign of an occupational disease :’)

Adriana Razip

Production Officer | BSc Accounting and Finance

Adriana has been wanting to try designing. At MSSM, she got to step out of her comfort zone and directly face new challenges in regard to designing and other obstacles.