Gone are the stresses of the first semester’s exam season! The arrival of February doesn’t only signal the beginning of a second semester and spring, but also Chinese New Year. To liven up the festivities for celebrating members, MSSM decided to hold a CNY dinner. 

Attendees donned their best dresses in red and trickled to fill the seats in Red Chilli restaurant, indulging in games of cards and hearty conversations as they patiently waited for dishes to be prepared in the kitchen. Thanks to our committee members’ sophisticated palates, the dinner menu was nothing short of flavours from home, suitably accommodating everybody’s tastes. 

The event progressed to include a lucky draw session where five lucky attendees walked away with red packets, smiling ear-to-ear. The night drew to an end around half past nine, though the conversations did not. It was heartwarming to see new friendships blossom and grow at our CNY dinner, as is the objective of many MSSM events.

The committee would like to wish everyone Happy Year of the Tiger; may your year ahead be nothing short of auspicious and healthy!

1 Feb 2022

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