Here comes the first MSSM flagship of the new academic year! As freshers settle into the routine of their first semester and wrap their heads around the city’s workings, the committee has been setting the wheels of MGames into motion.

Malaysian Games are annual flagships held by nearly every Malaysian Society (MSoc) to promote sportsmanship and collaboration between Malaysians studying in the UK. This year, sports ranging from netball to football, basketball to frisbee, volleyball to badminton and more were held in Denmark Road and Sugden Sports Centre. Both venues housed large crowds of spectators who have travelled from all over the UK either in support of their friends or simply to partake in the high spirits. 

Teams and individuals competed their very best and performed outstandingly, not forgetting that at the end of the day, it’s the bonds formed over the competitions that matter more than the medals. Participants also earned a taste of dearly-missed Malaysian food as several vendors set up stalls in Sugden to fill up some hungry stomachs. No matter if you arrived in Manchester on this day as a sports player, a spectator, or a volunteer, you had something to gain. 

As the sun’s rays thinned out over our beloved city, the sports halls emptied out with tired but smiling faces that we hope to see again in other upcoming MGames.

20 Nov 2021

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