Yet another annual event of MSSM’s, Teh Tarik is a socialising session held to ‘tarik’ closer the relationship among those who are involved in our upcoming MNight. Students of all years are involved in this long-standing production, each of them enrolled into teams of their interest: cast, dance, core, crew, stage, props, costumes, and more. Whatever skill you have hidden up your sleeves, there’s a spot in MNight for you. 

After a brief introduction of every team involved in MNight, as well as an enticing sneak peek of the production’s trailer, the mingling began. Members in respective teams clustered to discuss future collaborations and schedules while munching down on some Malaysian refreshments and, of course, teh tarik. 

While MGames is a one-day event for Malaysians to get together, MNight is the kind of semi-long-term university activity through which you can truly bond with others in your team and create something for others to appreciate. As names are exchanged and interests shared, the red curtain is slowly rising for MNight to hit the stage in March of 2022.

27 Nov 2021

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