As Malaysians, one of the many things we proudly wear on our sleeves is our culture. To amplify the uniqueness of South East Asian countries’ varying and vibrant cultures, MSSM has decided to host an event in collaboration with the Indonesian, Brunei, Filipino Societies. 

A cordial invitation was extended to each society to show up in traditional wear and bring along snacks and games from their home countries. Tables were set up to accommodate the game and food stations, each and every one crowded by eager participants. On our end, our very own committee members managed to craft batu seremban from scratch, as well as secure congkak sets–both games that conjured memories from our childhoods. 

It has truly been an honour to work hand in hand with other societies to bring to life such a colourful event that benefitted all attendees. MSSM looks forward to more activities of the sort, as well as to promoting Malaysia’s multicultural roots.

27 Feb 2022

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