After months of blood, sweat, and tears, MSSM’s annual theatrical production has finally hit the grand stage of Academy 1.

This year’s Manchester MNight saw the team tackle a unique concept by putting together a production that ventured beyond Malaysian issues, being the first university in the UK to do so. Named ‘Hearts of Steel’, this production prodded the audience to contemplate the benefits and dangers of AI. The script follows Sabrina, an automaton of Pecunia Industries, as she goes on a journey of gaining sentience while other sinister makings take place.

All of this would not have been possible without the unseen hard work of our producers, the tutelage of our directors, the meticulous planning of all backstage crews, the endless practices of our dancers, and, of course, what’s a production without the cast’s stellar performance?

We’d also like to pen our gratitude to this year’s MNight sponsorsGong cha, Yeo’s, SOP International, Lingham’s, Seoul Kimchi, and Vita Studentwithout whom the magical, futuristic night wouldn’t have been possible.

20 Mar 2022

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