Election season has once again swept across the many Malaysian societies across the UK and Ireland, and Manchester was not one to miss out. As the academic year nears an end, MSSM’s Ordinary General Meeting was held so to elect the shadow top five positions, giving them ample time to step into their new shoes over the summer.

The five positions up for grabs were President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Sponsorship Director. We had one candidate running for each office, save for that of General Secretary; and though our candidates stood uncontested, all four displayed an extraordinary passion to serve their community away from home and were steadfast in presenting their manifestos. Even when questions from the floor rained down on them, our candidates were unwavering in their stances.

Aside from the main election, secretarial reports, financial reports, and motions were presented, each one followed by its own Q&A session during which imperative issues were addressed. Past committee members and general members of MSSM alike did not shy away from discussions they held dear to heart; after all, it is through these discussions that we can improve and advance as a community.

2022’s OGM came to a fruitful conclusion with Lew Jie Hao elected as Shadow President, Ong Min Shiuan as Shadow Vice-President, Julian Lim as Shadow Treasurer, and Voon Ten Ren as Shadow Sponsorship Director. We look forward to what the shadow committee has in store for their tenure and to see them conquer the challenges that lie ahead of them.

30 April 2022

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